January 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

UpdatedFriday January 11, 2019 byKevin Barnes.

South Oldham Little League Meeting Minutes

LocationLocation:  6887 Abbott Lane, Crestwood, KY
Date:  1/9/2018
Executive Board Members Present: Julie McGee, Kevin Barnes Attendees Present: Summer Thompson, Adam Blackaby, Vincent Tinebra, Jason Smiser, Cory Milby, Amy Cannon, Cliff Cash

Time6:30 PM


  1. Call to order

President’s Call to Order- 6:38pm

  1. Roll call

Executive Board Members, Julie McGee-President, Kevin Barnes-Secretary

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting
  • Secretary Kevin Barnes reviewed minutes from the 12/5/18 Board Meeting and they were approved by the board.
  1. New business
  1. Treasures Report - Julie McGee reviewed the report and it was approved.  See appendix A.
  2. Breakfast with Santa Recap - Kevin Barnes reviewed the fundraiser.  Approximately 200 people were served, close to $1000 was raised with the league only spending $6.89 on groceries. 
  3. Winter Training Program - Kevin Barnes highlighted aspects of the winter camp scheduled to kick off 1/12/19
  4. 2019 Registration Status- Current numbers are up at this point with the anticipation for them to keep increasing as we get word out to our new boundary areas.
  5. Boundary Line Solicitation- Adam Blackaby reviewed the new boundary lines with the committee and the areas of focus.  Summer Thompson has agreed to try to recruit members of the Beta Club and friends to solicit registration fliers in the new areas. See Appendix B for the new boundary areas. 
  6. Uniforms – Julie McGee discussed our current costs of uniforms. Adam Blackaby discussed researching Staub Screen Printing LLC. Will be represented at the February meeting and voted on.
  7. Fund Raising Opportunities- The league will focus on SNAP Raise.  We are looking to reorganize the structure to make it more accommodating to our league.  This program has great potential to make the league some much needed funds.  Kevin Barnes has agreed to help teams produce video messages to help with their teams/leagues campaigns. 
  8. Concessions Distributor update –
    1. Amy Cannon and Summer Thompson have met with Todd and are looking to renovate the concession stand to better utilize the space. Julie is going to reach out to a league member for a donation of materials.
    2. Amy Cannon continues to work with Trompeter Company on food service orders.
    3. Amy Cannon is evaluating and negotiating with Pepsi on a new fountain machine as well is exploring options with Coca Cola Company.
  9. Filed Prep- Discussion continuation
    1. Continue discussion on having the Younger Umpires strip fields prior to games- This idea was discussed again and the decision was made to discuss this with coaches during pre-season coaches meetings and have coaches solicit for assistance from team family members.
    2. Field maintenance clinic lead by Todd- Todd has agreed to help coaches become knowledgeable on some field maintenance options that will help keep the fields in playing condition after games. 
  10. Umpires
    1. Training- Vincent and Todd will hold Umpire Training starting February 23rd and continue for a few Saturdays.  Umpires will also have additional training sessions a few weeks after the season starts to be able to present challenges and questions they are encountering on the field.
  11. Baseball Evals- Will be held on February 23rd at Lou Ott Baseball.  Kevin Barnes will work to set a schedule and find volunteers to assist with the Evals.
  12. Opening Day- Tabled
    1. Who will run?
    2. What to do?
  13. Mid-Season Festival- Tabled
    1. Who will run?
    2. What to do?
  14. Open Floor

Kevin Barnes discussed setting up a memorial for fund for fallen LMPD Officer Detective Deidre Mengedoht

  1. Next Meeting - Feb 6
  1. Adjournment- 8:31 pm


SOLL Board Meeting Minutes 1-9-19.pdf