December 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Updated Friday January 11, 2019 by Kevin Barnes.

South Oldham Little League Board Meeting

Location:  6887 Abbott Lane, Crestwood, KY
Date:  12/5/2018
Attendees:  Julie McGee, Kevin Barnes, Amy Jones, Tamara Crump, Cory Milby, Ryan Anderson, Chris Walker, David Reichert, Amy Cannon, Summer Thompson,

Time:   6:30 pm

  1. President’s Call to Order-6:31 PM
  1. Roll call- Executive Board Members present, Julie McGee, Kevin Barnes, Amy Jones, Tamara Crump
  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting- Minutes from 11/7/18 minutes approved with an action item needed to amend Meeting Start time and Winter Training Times.

New business

  1. Treasures Report:
    1. Amy Jones read over the leagues financials for the time period of 9-1-18 through 10-1-2018
    2. There is one charge for $350 from Republic Services that is being disputed due to trashcan fees that should not apply due vandalism and overcharges on cans not replaced.
    3. Report Attached Appendix A  


  1. Cory Milby has volunteered to run our banner campaign for the 2019 Season.
    1. Julie provided Cory with past years banner folder and documents
    2. Kevin shared the google drive sheets and notes with Cory to review and update as needed.
  2. Winter Training Program-
    1. Kevin Barnes provide updates and details of the winter training program that maxed sold out in less than a week.
    2. Dates- 1/12 through 2/23 (6 weeks + 1 for Evaluations)
    3. 3 hours- 1.5 hours per group
    4. 1st Group 5-8 yr olds
    5. 2nd group 9-13 yr olds
    6. Saturdays 5:30-8:30 pm
    7. 2-3 tunnels, fielding area.
    8. $80 hr rental
    9. Limit 25 per group
    10. Chris Walker mad a suggestion on discussing with coaches the possibility of doing a split of 3 weeks per coach to make the load lighter.
    11. There currently are 10 players (as of 12/6/2018) on the waiting list for the camps.  The board is going to reach out to see if there is interest in running a second camp even if a mini camp.


  1. Uniforms: Tabled till next meeting


  1. Fundraising:
    1. Details of the Pancake Breakfast with Santa were outlined with the board Pancakes with Santa
    2. Possibility of combining a Blaze Pizza night with a House of Boom night
    3. South Oldham Little League has been added to the Kroger Community Rewards Program.  (Details here)
    4. The league discussed the new boundary lines which expands SOLL area down to the Gene Snyder Highway giving us access to several new neighborhoods.  
  1. Park and Field Maintenance
    1. Discussion and suggestion was made to have the Younger Umpires strip fields prior to games.  This will allow them a few extra minutes of work as well as team them another aspect of the game.
    2. Discussion was brought about on having a field maintenance clinic lead by Todd for the coaches to discuss how to properly maintain each of the fields.  If coaches can learn the proper techniques and what needs to be done, then we could set it up so the home team after each game is responsible for general filed duties.
  2. Fliers:
    1. Amy Cannon has agreed to reach out to communities via Facebook inside the new boundary lines and provide them with SOLL Registration information.
    2. Looking for a volunteer to solicit the league in other means.
    3. A new boundary line map needs to be added to the website.  Jim or Julie should have access to the new map through the Data Center at
  3. Concessions:
    1. Amy Cannon has reached out to local food distributors on pricing to see what the cost margins are between shopping at Sam’s and using a delivery service.
    2. Pepsi contract is under review


  1. Next meeting will be held January 9th at 6:30 pm in the Lion’s Den.
  2. Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 pm
Action Item Resource Due Date Status
Solicited SOLL to new communities inside the boundary lines Amy Cannon 12/14/18 In-progress
Download boundary lines from Julie McGee/Jim McCubbin 12/14/18 In-progress
Discuss 2nd winter camp with coaches Board 12/28/18 In-progress
Distribute Kroger Information Kevin Barnes 12/7/18


Send reminder of Tax Deductions donations Kevin Barnes 12/7/18 Complete