November 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

November 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Updated Friday January 11, 2019 by Kevin Barnes.

South Oldham Little League

Meeting minutes

Location:  6887 Abbott Lane, Crestwood, KY
Date:  11/7/2018
Attendees:  Julie McGee, Jim McCubbin, Kevin Barnes, Amy Jones, Tamara Crump,Kellsey Milby, Cory Milby, Ryan Anderson, Chris Wilson, David Reichert, Amy Cannon, Summer Thompson, Jason Smiser, Stephanie Moss, Tanya Ross
Time:  Meeting called to order 2:00 pm, Meeting Adjourned 4:18 pm

Agenda items


  1. President’s Call to Order-

6:35 PM

  1. Roll call-

All Executive Board Members present, and all in attendance recognized and introduced

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting-

Minutes from 10/4/18 minutes approved with not objections

  1. Vote Tally-Uncontested Ballot, Julie McGee- President, Jim McCubbin- Vice President, Amy Jones- Treasurer, Kevin Barnes-Secretary, Tamara Crump- Safety Officer

  2. Next Board Meeting will be held November 7th at 6:30 in the Lion’s Den.

  3. New business

a)         Open Positions for the 2019 Season- All open positions for the 2019 season were discussed with the Fundraising Chair being the primary concentration on position needing to be filled.  The Board would like to find an individual a with strong fundraising background that can execute activities that will bring the league the most bang for their buck as well as help organize a committee to run all fundraising ideas that the league approves.

  1. Winter Training Program-

    1. Motion made and approved to work with Lou Ott on the following details.

    2. Dates- 1/12 through 2/16 (6 weeks + 1 for Evaluations)

    3. 3 hours- 1.5 hours per group

    4. 1st Group 5-8 yr olds

    5. 2nd group 9-13 yr olds

    6. Saturdays 4-7 pm

    7. 2-3 tunnels, fielding area.

    8. $80 hr rental

    9. Limit 25 per group


  1. 2019 Key Dates:

    1. Registration Opens 12/1/18-

    2. $10 Discount until 1/1/19

    3. Regular Price 1/31/19

    4. $20 Late fee begins 2/1/19

    5. Double late fee after 2/26/19 Motion made and approved to start double late fee on 2/16/18 instead of 2/26/18

    6. Registration ends 3/1/19- No new registrations for “drafting” leagues will be accepted after 3/1/19

    7. Coaches meeting 2/16/19 7:00am Lions Den

    8. Baseball Evaluations 2/23/19

    9. Draft 3/2/19-3/9/19

    10. Opening Day 4/13/19 Open discussion was held on opening day date.  A motion was made and accepted to make opening day on 4/13/18 which is the same day as Thunder over Louisville. This date was chosen as March 6th is the last weekend of Spring Break and the following weekend is Easter. The 13th is the only viable option to get Saturday games in April.

    11. Championship tournaments start 6/10/13

    12. All-stars Announced 6/1/18

    13. Local All-Stars begin play TBA

    14. National All-Stars begin play TBA

  2. Registration

    1. Price- Motion made and approved to keep registration fee consistent with last years fees

    2. Questions for Reg process-

      1. The board discussed, voted and approved to add an opt out of fundraising option to the league registration page which would allow registrants to make a $200 donation to the league in lue of participating in fundraising.

    3. The board discussed, voted and approved adding “Years of experience” to the registration page

    4. The league discussed the new boundary lines which expands SOLL area down to the Gene Snyder Highway giving us access to several new neighborhoods.  

      1. Open discussion was held to pass out fliers in the new area, reach out to HOA’s, post on social media and to promote SOLL in all means possible to attract new registrants from these new areas.

  3. Park and Field Maintenance

    1. Optional Field work-

      1. Brief discussion was held on the field maintenance that Todd has brought to the boards attention that needs to be completed.

      2. External bids were received for Fields 3, 4 and 5 to show the dollar amount it would take if contracted out vs having league volunteers perform the work.

      3. Need a complete breakdown of materials needed so that we can plan more effectively on what we can provide, buy and perform work that will need to be approved.


  1. Todd’s Contract-

    1. Todd’s contract was read and discussed to ensure everyone knew what his job duties are per the contract and what he actually provides to the league.

    2. A motion was made and approved to present a contract extension to Todd for the 2019 Calendar year.

  2. Items Tabled until the next league meeting:

    1. Fundraising Opportunities- The lone fundraising activity that was discussed was a Pancake Breakfast with Santa. A motion was made and approved to hold the fundraiser with the following details:

      1. Ballardsville Fire Station #2

      2. December 15th

      3. $5 per person: Pancakes, coffee, OJ, Apple Juice

      4. Pictures

      5. Raffle: $5 each, 3 for $10, Arm Length for $20

        1. 1 Free League Registration

        2. ·         $20 Concession Credit

        3. ·         1 Free Winter Training Registration

    2. Mid-Season Festival

    3. Open Floor

  3. Next meeting will be held December 5th at 6:30 pm in the Lion’s Den.

  4. Meeting Adjourned at 8:35 pm


Action Items




Create Agenda for 12/5/18 Meeting

Kevin Barnes


In Progress

Continue to seek Fundraising Chair Lead



Need to fill positions ASAP

Schedule Winter Training

Kevin Barnes



Schedule and create marketing materials for Pancake Breakfast

Kevin Barnes



Create Marketing Materials for the new boundary lines

Kevin Barnes


In Progress

Solicit League Donations as a tax write off

Kevin Barnes